The Bottle Battle of Concord

OnEarth Magazine, January 2016, By

The 85-year-old star of this environmental documentary reminds us that it’s never too late to revolt against plastic waste.

"Every once in a while, an event comes along that triggers a revolution. For Jean Hill of Concord, Massachusetts, that moment came when she saw photographs of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and learned that each year Americans purchase more than 50 billion bottles of water while recycling only about a third of them. That’s when this tenacious octogenarian says she fired 'the second shot heard round the world' by organizing an effort to ban single-serving plastic water containers from her historic town.

'Bottled water is the poster child for unsustainability,' explains Jill Appel, a fellow Concord resident who helped Hill lead the bottled water ban. 'Even when you can make a small change, that small change can help.'

Hill and Appel’s battle for a cleaner, greener Concord is the subject of Divide in Concord, a feature-length film directed by Kris Kaczor. ..."

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Revolution springs again.
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