Divide in Concord: documentary review & interview with filmmaker Kris Kaczor

Whole Terrain, November 6, 2015, by Cherice Bock

"When Concord, MA resident and octogenarian Jean Hill learned from her grandson, Mack, about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the contribution that plastic water bottles were making to the problem, she decided she needed to do something about it. She took a petition to her city meeting in 2010 with the proposal to ban bottled water in Concord, but it was rejected due to imprecision of language, although most residents present seemed to support the idea. In 2011, Jean returned with a sturdier version, but lost by seven votes.

Divide in Concord picks up the story near the end of 2011, when HillĀ and a small but determined group of Concord activists were developing a more coordinated grassroots campaign to attempt passage at the April 2012 town meeting. Director Kris Kaczor read about their work and watched a short film about their efforts made by the New York Times, and he knew this was the next film he needed to make. He had been feeling a 'personal hunch' that his next project would focus on water, so he contacted Hill and she was happy to allow Kaczor and his crew to film their efforts. ...

We spoke with Kris Kaczor recently about the making of this film, and share his thoughts and reflections here. ..."

To read the interview, click here: http://wholeterrain.com/2015/11/divide-in-concord-documentary-review-interview-with-filmmaker-kris-kaczor/

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